On a monthly basis I will be setting my self a betting challenge and this is my first instalment. So let me enlighten you as to what this months (Well October’s by the time I start) is.

Here we go, I currently have a Betfair account so I will be using that for this months challenge with an initial deposit of £10. I will then be trying to turn this initial stake into as much as possible. Nothing ground-breaking there I hear you say!? Well there is slightly more to the plan than that. I will solely be concentrating my bets on the 1.5 Over/Under Goals market within Betfair and will be taking advantage of the in-play betting they offer, I will explain why in a bit.

So each weekend and when there are weekday games in the Premier League or Champions League I will be researching the game stats using sites such as Soccerway.com or Soccerstats.com to pick out the mostly likely game at each kick-off time will have 2 or more goals in. I will then place my £10 on that game sometimes at the start of the game but sometimes waiting until the game is underway to get more preferable Odds. I will use pretty strict rules when picking my games and I’ll detail these in another post when I have picked the weekend games.

I expect to be getting odds of 1.3-1.4 on the Over/Under Goals market and I will be rolling all winnings and the original stake onto each subsequent bet. For example the 1st bet of £10 if it wins will return a profit of say £3 (not a lot) plus the original £10 leaving me with £13 to place on the next bet. Obviously it will take a while to turn the original stake into anything meaningful, in fact around 9 winning bets to reach £100 which is my target. If I reach this amount I will decide whether to carry on or take out the profit and start again or indeed start a whole new challenge.

Wish me luck and feel free to come back and check my progress.


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